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Web-Based Analytics

Our web-based analytics are data visualization tools that are created with your merchant statements and they can help you convey key metrics, trends, and potential problem areas to management and field personnel. Our philosophy is that if payments costs cannot be tracked or analyzed, they cannot be improved.

Analytic dashboards can help you:

  • Proactively identify problems/trends and apply corrective measures before they become an issue
  • Monitor primary payment cost drivers
  • Understand costs that be controlled and managed
  • Understand effective cost of all payment types.
  • Drive/influence customers to payment products with lower cost
  • Identify best practices in certain channels/stores that can be applied throughout the organization

Our analytics can breakdown your merchant statements and let you identify your overall effective cost and even let you quickly see it by payment type and merchant ID.  Our analytics are a powerful tool in helping you understand interchange and manage your payments.

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