Optimized Products & Pricing
Optimized Payments' industry knowledge and expertise can provide the critical insight and leverage to maximize the return on your payment processing. Read More
Interchange Management
Optimized Payments uses proprietary software to sift through these interchange fees and identify areas of potential pricing optimization. Read More
Chargeback Reduction
We utilize a combination of technology and educational services to help our clients reduce their overall chargebacks, and benchmark their chargebacks against their peers in the industry. Read More
Web-Based Analytics
In addition to providing our clients with meaningful and measurable fee savings, we pride ourself in educating our clients to the nuances of the payments industry. Read More

Payment processing is one of the most confusing and complex services that businesses buy today. It’s as vital to running your company as electricity, and often far less understood. Mistakes can be costly, and that’s where we come in.

Our mission is simple:  help clients improve their bottom line.


Leveraging our intimate knowledge of Interchange, least cost routing, payment analytics and merchant services practices, we work with companies processing $10 million to $30 billion in annual card sales to ensure they have the lowest Total Cost of Card Acceptance (TCCA).  We have helped our clients save $120 million in interchange and processing fees.  How much can we help you save?

Optimized Payments does NOT sell credit card processing services and we are  not affiliated with any payment processor, reseller, network or equipment vendor.  Our allegiance rests solely with our clients.  We are an independent and trusted partner to many Fortune 500 and mid-sized firms.

We help our clients achieve their payments related goals through either fixed fee or gain share (percentage of savings) consulting engagements.  Regardless of how clients engage us, all of our consulting projects are centered around helping clients simplify and reduce the cost of electronic payments.