Optimized Payments

Optimize Products & Pricing

Optimized Payments’ industry knowledge and expertise can provide the critical insight and leverage to maximize the return on your payment processing.

Interchange Management

Interchange Analysis & Optimization

OPC uses proprietary
software to sift through interchange fees and identify areas of potential pricing optimization.

Payment Analytics

Web-Based Analytics

OPC’s Payments Analytics integrates daily or monthly payments data from multiple sources (e.g. acquirers, card networks) into interactive dashboards.

Chargeback Reduction

Reduce & Benchmark Chargebacks

Using a combination of technology and educational services, we help our clients reduce their overall chargebacks.
Payment processing is one of the most confusing and complex services that businesses buy today.  It’s as vital to running your company as electricity, but often far less understood.  Mistakes can be costly if not addressed immediately.

Our mission is simple: help clients improve their bottom line.

Leveraging our intimate knowledge of Interchange, least cost routing, payment analytics and merchant services practices, we work with companies processing $10 million to $30 billion in annual card sales to ensure they have the lowest Total Cost of Card Acceptance (TCCA).  We have helped our clients save $120 million in interchange and processing fees.  How much can we help you save?

Optimized Payments’ industry knowledge and expertise can provide the critical insight and leverage to maximize the return on your payment processing. Our understanding of the best available payment products, processes, and prices will help you reap substantial savings on your payment acceptance costs. Read More.
Our web-based analytics are data visualization tools that are created with your merchant statements and they can help you convey key metrics, trends, and potential problem areas to management and field personnel. Read more.
Optimized Payments uses proprietary software to sift through numerous Interchange fees and identify areas of potential pricing optimization. Read more.
Optimized Payments utilizes a combination of technology and educational services to help our clients reduce their overall chargebacks, and benchmark their chargebacks against their peers in the industry. We’ll use our industry knowledge to increase your profitability, and we’ll manage all details, so you stay focused on core business operations. Read more.
Optimized Payments Consulting helps clients simplify their RFI/RFP process by leveraging its experience in the payments industry. We help clients align their point-of-sale, technology integration, service, reporting, and financial needs with an optimal acquiring partner. Read more.
We help clients evaluate the impact of various mobile and alternative payment options on customer experience, technology integration, security, fraud management, settlement and reconciliation.
Optimized Payments Consulting helps clients understand and explore options for EMV migration. Moreover, we help clients develop ROI analyses and business plans that can be used to garner organizational support for EMV conversation.
Read More.
If your company accepted credit cards between January 1, 2004 and November 28, 2012 then your company is a member of the $7.25 billion class action settlement and you are entitled to file a claim. Read more.

Why Choose Us

Optimized Payments Consulting can help you:

  • Streamline & simplify your payment processes
  • Reduce costs
  • Benchmark your performance with others in the industry
  • Develop in-house payments expertise
  • Use rich analytics to keep track of relevant KPIs

What Client’s Say

Under Optimized Payments guidance, we have gained a clear understanding of the credit card processing industry. OPC quickly identified cost saving opportunities, which we have implemented to measurable results. I highly recommend OPC to any organization looking to analyze and optimize their current payment processing strategy.
Ilya Umansky, Ratner Companies
Accepting cards is crucial to our business but we never thought there was any opportunity to lower our processing costs. We were skeptical at first but OPC lowered our payment costs by about 20% within 2-3 months. And I have increased my knowledge about the payments industry and now know how to actually read a discount/fee statement. This is truly a win-win, no-risk service.
James Kidd , Hank Haney International Junior Golf Academy
We expressed a strong desire to remain with our current processor. Despite that limitation, OPC reduced our monthly fees by 21%. OPC’s approach was a welcome change compared to the hard sell tactics that we encountered through numerous unsolicited calls from processors.
Don Balchunas, Badger Land Car Wash Equipment & Supplies
Due to the economic downturn, BlueWave has required many existing and most new accounts to pay for service via our monthly automated credit card billing system. Even though BlueWave has doubled its credit card processing volume over the last year, Optimized Payments has been able to cut processing fees in half while streamlining the process for us.
Bryan Gillett, BlueWave Computing
Given Optimized Payments business model, I didn’t have any cost or risk. And the savings were significant. Great service!
Casey Cote, Meeting Consultants, Inc.
Without OPC’s help I could not have found all of these savings. OPC also made the process relatively simple and meaningful. I highly recommend them.
Rick Yancey, Top Knobs USA